What’s New in BuildIT Projector 2018

We are proud to introduce BuildIT Projector 2018, with exciting new functionalities to present. Before you try out the new version, here are a few of the new features included in this release. For the full list of enhancements, please check the release notes.

Live Projection

Direct Connection to FARO TracerM

Connect to the TracerM, align and run your projection plan in a single software.


Project layers as you create them

Once connected and aligned, you can view the projection as you build your projection plan.

Project as you plan

Dedicated Operator Interface

While we’ve added a direct device interface to Projector Planner, we’ve also created a seperate, simplified user interface specifically for projector operators.

BuildIT Projector Operator

Projection Planning

Crosshair Projections

Points and curves are now added via a dedicated command rather than the right-click menu. If you add a point that is on a surface, it will automatically be converted to a crosshair. Any point that has a surface to determine its normal direction is displayed as a crosshair.

Crosshair Projection

Text Projections

Text projections can now easily be added onto any surface.

Text Projection

Import Projection Plans

By exporting parts of a projection plan, you can simply re-use and combine configurations of projectors and/or alignment points.

Import Export

For more info

For the complete list of changes, consult the release notes which are available here.

You can also visit our website for more details.