What’s New in BuildIT 2017.5

We are extremely pleased to announce our latest release, BuildIT 2017.5. Below, we have handpicked some key changes that we’d like to highlight for our users. For the full list of features and enhancements, please check the release notes.

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Flush and Gap Analysis

Widely used in the automotive industry, the Flush and Gap analysis' purpose is to evaluate the relative position of contiguous surfaces. With BuildIT, you can now perform this evaluation in a few clicks, no CAD required.


Quicker Color Mapping

The surface deviation analysis command is now available from the contextual menu directly in the 3D view. With the default settings, a vivid color mapping is now a right-click away from any surface.


Nominal and Actual Coordinates in Annotations

In addition to displaying deviations, Surface and Curve Inspection annotations now allow you to display nominal and actual coordinates of each inspected point. Fully customizable, as before, these annotations give you the flexibility to display only the relevant data for each situation.


Feature Tab

Newly added to the spreadsheet, the Feature tab displays the critical information about your part’s geometry. The Feature tab gives you the actual and nominal diameters as well as the coordinates of all measured features. As with the geometry tabs, the nominal values can be edited directly from the spreadsheet.


Model Interaction

Single-Click Show/No Show

In the 3D view, you now have the power to quickly show and hide any object’s associated entities using the middle mouse button. For instance, inspection annotations and measured points are shown or hidden with a single click. This improvement allows you to set your views more quickly and generate reports more easily.


Cell selection in the spreadsheet

In all the spreadsheet tabs, the row selection has been replaced by the single cell selection. Cells can now be selected individually or in groups and directly copied into an external spreadsheet software. Simply right-click your selection and copy with or without the headers.


New Language : Italian

BuildIT now features an Italian translation. Select the language from the Settings in the File menu.



New Supported CAD : SolidEdge

BuildIT’s CAD software interface is once again improved with support for native SolidEdge files for parts, assemblies and sheet metal.


New Supported Device : FARO TrackArm

FARO's Super 6DoF, which eliminates line-of-sight challenges and expands measurement range, is now supported in BuildIT.



Improved Normal Guessing

BuildIT already had a built-in intelligence to guess the Normal direction for recorded planes. This intelligence has been further improved, and we’ve extended it to all other shapes. Traditionally, users had to mind the Normal directions, but now those are automatically managed.


ISO Concentricity

We have increased the GD&T capabilities of BuildIT 2017.5 by adding support for the ISO-1101 concentricity tolerance. Concentricity can now be evaluated on every cross section of a feature.


Uncertainty Envelope Display

The Bundling Registration command has given users the ability to obtain higher accuracies. And while the command is easy to use, we have added 3D representations of the uncertainty envelopes for each measurement, making results easier to understand, and helping you make the best alignment decisions for each job. Choose to create the uncertainty envelopes for outliers only or for all points at the bottom of the Bundling Results window.




Creating your own looping processes has been made even easier with the addition of the “While” loop in the process editor. This will allow you to easily automate repetitive tasks while having BuildIT perform additional operations based on events. Choose from four (4) loop types and define the condition in the execution parameters of all operations in the process editor.


Display subprocess variables

When using subprocesses, you can now see the input variables of the called process displayed in the master process, making their use more convenient.


Process comments

We have added a text field in the properties of processes. Use it to write down important notes about your work. The addition of Process Comment allows you to embed your documentation into your process for future reference or to share with other members of your team.


Improved Best Fit Intelligence

In the past, when performing a Best Fit alignment from an automated process, each pair of Nominal/Actual had to be hard-coded. We have improved this behavior so that Best Fit now automatically looks for associated entities. Leave either the Nominal or the Actual field blank to let BuildIT complete the pairs and perform the alignment.


For more info

For the complete list of changes, consult the release notes which are available here.

You can also visit our website for more details.