BuildIT 2017 Overview Video

Video overview of the latest features and enhancements in BuildIT 2017, including: new device interfaces with the FARO VantageS, VantageE, Array Imager & VectorRI; Streamlined GD&T Workflows; Additional Languages; and Edge Detection functionality. Read More


BuildIT 2016.5 Sneak Peek – Large Point Cloud, Scanning and Meshing Capabilities

This video demonstrates the improvements to BuildIT’s large point cloud handling, scanning and meshing capabilities, including:

  • Support for touch-screens with Multi-touch capabilities
  • Compatibility with the FARO Scene file format
  • New point to mesh deviation analyses
  • Additional mesh smoothing options
  • Ability to align to meshes
  • Real-time camera updates while inspecting targets or scanning surfaces
  • Support for the Nikon MCAx arm and scanners
  • Read More


    Montreal Metrology Seminar 2016 Summary Video

    Here’s some footage of our Montreal Metrology Seminar event held on June 9th, 2016 at the Courtyard Mariott.  The event featured presentations on GD&T, measurement processes and automation, case studies, metrology trends, careers, training, and certification.  Special thanks go to our spectacular presenters and panel discussion members, as well as to all of the wonderful attendees who helped make the event a success! Read More


    BuildIT 2016 Overview Video

    Full overview of new features and improvements in BuildIT 2016, including: improvements to the UI, redesigned customized reporting, enhancements to process automation capabilities and new GD&T functionality including MMC on Datums.

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    BuildIT 2016 – Redesigned Reporting

    Overview of the redesigned reporting capabilities in BuildIT 2016.

    BuildIT 2016 has redesigned the reporting scheme to improve the ability to generate reports in a quick, easy and customizable way.

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    BuildIT 2016 – GD&T Capabilities

    Overview of additional GD&T capabilities in BuildIT 2016.

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    BuildIT 2016 – Automation

    Overview of enhancements to Automated Processes in BuildIT 2016.