BuildIT 2016.5 Sneak Peek – Large Point Cloud, Scanning and Meshing Capabilities


This video demonstrates the improvements to BuildIT’s large point cloud handling, scanning and meshing capabilities, including:

  • Support for touch-screens with Multi-touch capabilities
  • Compatibility with the FARO Scene file format
  • New point to mesh deviation analyses
  • Additional mesh smoothing options
  • Ability to align to meshes
  • Real-time camera updates while inspecting targets or scanning surfaces
  • Support for the Nikon MCAx arm and scanners
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    Scanning a Clay Model for Printing or: How I Spent Way Too Much Time Making My Halloween Costume

    Clay Krang

    Happy Halloween, folks! In honour of my favourite holiday, today’s post is about how I scanned part of my Halloween costume to be 3D printed.

    Let’s start with the costume idea;  this year, I wanted to be Krang from the Ninja Turtles.  Yeah, this guy:

    Aside from the fact that I’m not a 7-foot-tall neck-less battle robot, I also don’t have a brainy overlord hanging around, which presents some technical difficulties.  I had to make Krang! Read More

    How to clean your point cloud in 3 easy steps

    BuildIT Scan

    With the popularization of laser scanning in industrial applications ranging from inspection to reverse engineering, it is important to understand how to properly clean a point cloud of noise, outliers and irrelevant points before any analysis or meshing can be performed.  Today we’ll take a look at a proper cloud-cleaning procedure done using BuildIT. Read More