How to customize the logo in your report header

BuildIT Select Custom Report Header

In the report header, BuildIT’s logo is displayed in the top right corner.

If you prefer to have your own company logo there, follow these steps:

  • Go to the following folder: C:Program FilesBuildITBuildIT 2015 SP2reportsinclude
  • Rename logo.bmp to logo_buildit.bmp. That way, if you want to revert back to the BuildIT logo you can.
  • Save your company logo as a bitmap file named logo.bmp. Note: If your image isn’t a bitmap file, open it in MS Paint, and click Save As, which will give you the option of saving it as a bitmap in the Save as type dropdown.
  • Drop your company logo (logo.bmp) from step 3 into the folder from step 2.
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