BuildIT 2016 – Automation

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Overview of enhancements to Automated Processes in BuildIT 2016.

Creating looping operations to repeat over a set of entities

BuildIT Process Editor Variables

We have seen in our previous post how to modify a recorded process so that it can be applied to any cylinder. You can refer back to it here. If we look at the process editor, this is where we last were:

In this post, we will continue our modification of the process to have it be applied to a set of cylinders in our current model, using looping operations. The first step is to remove the process variable CYLINDER we created earlier. For this, we open the variable window, select the CYLINDER line and press Delete Variable. Read More

Using variables to make your automated processes more generic

BuildIT cylinder Entity Information

Process automation in BuildIT is a powerful tool that can save you a lot of time if you need to repeat the same action multiple times or whenever you perform an inspection. You can simply record your process the first time and then play it back to get the same result the next time.

While this can be great, in practice it is quite rare that we need to do the exact same thing over again. We may want to perform the same operation, but on different elements, or on all elements of a set. Read More

Building your first process – Getting started with AutomateIT

BuildIT AutomateIT Process Inspect Point

AutomateIT is BuildIT’s process automation tool that enables you to record and reproduce any repetitive process. It gives you the ability to create dynamic workflow templates that range from adding a device to generating reports, and helps to reduce training time and errors.

Here are a few things that you need to know before starting to use AutomateIT: Read More