BuildIT Metrology 2018 Now Available


BuildIT Metrology’s latest version adds new large point cloud commands

Montreal, QC, March 2018 – BuildIT Software & Solutions is pleased to announce the release of BuildIT Metrology 2018, a major update to the 3D metrology software. BuildIT 2018 adds many new features and improvements including the ability to both plan projections and operate a laser projector from within the BuildIT platform, along with several large point cloud commands, including cloud to cloud analysis, cloud registration, and corner extraction. Read More

BuildIT 2016.5 Sneak Peek – Large Point Cloud, Scanning and Meshing Capabilities


This video demonstrates the improvements to BuildIT’s large point cloud handling, scanning and meshing capabilities, including:

  • Support for touch-screens with Multi-touch capabilities
  • Compatibility with the FARO Scene file format
  • New point to mesh deviation analyses
  • Additional mesh smoothing options
  • Ability to align to meshes
  • Real-time camera updates while inspecting targets or scanning surfaces
  • Support for the Nikon MCAx arm and scanners
  • Read More