Building Photogrammetry: Comparing Camera Results of iPad VS DSLR


If 800 people are working on the iPhone camera, would this mean that smartphone / tablet cameras will soon match the performance of DSLRs?

The short answer is “No”, as long as the camera sensor size is not increased.  A larger camera sensor allows the capture of more light and reduces noise levels. Their applicability to smartphones / tablets will always be limited, however, since a larger sensor size would also require a larger lens, which would not be very practical for a smart device. Read More

Photogrammetry in Cultural Heritage: Experiments with a Cloud Based Service and an iPad

Analysis of Basilica Notre Dame


Can we document cultural heritage monuments with affordable tablets / smartphones and cloud-based photogrammetry services such as Autodesk Recap 360?  And how can the performance of these systems reach the accuracy and resolution levels of established devices?  What is the procedure for obtaining a 3D model of a monument by photos?  This blog post will try to present some of  the potential answers to these questions. Read More