Customer Support
BuildIT's experienced engineering team provides fast support and training to its users. Not only are our engineers here to help you solve problems, we encourage you to contact us when starting new projects. Our trained staff takes pride in providing you with tips and techniques to help you be successful using Build!IT® software.

Hot-Line Support
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm EST Local telephone support is provided on a country level through our distributors' offices. International customers are equally welcome to contact BuildIT directly as well.

Please note that you must have a valid support contract in order to obtain technical support for BuildIT products.

Telephone:+1-514-369-4055 ext. 1
Toll-free:+1-888-687-2348 ext. 1 (US and Canada)

For urgent requests, send a message containing the word "URGENT" in the subject. This will page a support representative on call which will get back to you as soon as possible.

Exchanging files with BuildIT

BuildIT maintains an anonymous FTP server to exchange files with customers. The server is located at If you wish to send files, please let us know.

Only BuildIT customers and authorized users are given permission to access BuildIT's anonymous ftp server. BuildIT's ftp site is accessible on the internet, but we have taken precautions to make the ftp site secure and we do not allow users to view directory contents or get files from the incoming directories. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee complete security so we do not recommend you place sensitive or confidential files on our ftp server.