Years of Proven and Continued Success
With years of experience BuildIT Software & Solutions has gained the trust and partnership of companies in various industries. Our solutions have been successfully implemented on shop floors allowing major corporations to drastically reduce their inspection and assembly times while making their process more reliable.

Airbus relies on BuildIT to drastically reduce inspection cycle time
BuildIT allowed Airbus to implement an operator-driven inspection process that eliminated the need for direct intervention from a metrology expert, reducing training for new operators to 4 hours. The automated process made inspections reliable, fast and shifted the required know-how from the metrology expert to the shop floor personnel. In all, Airbus was able to drastically reduce its inspection time, going from 12 hours to 2, a saving of more than 80%.
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Novabus Builds a Better Bus
Novabus implements Build!IT® in combination with multiple measurement devices, and benefits from an easy-to-learn common user interface, customized reporting, and process optimization.
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Build!IT® Helps Aircraft Tooling Company Grow it's Business
Aircraft Tooling and Design Group relies on Build!IT® software to complete everything from measurement and alignment to inspection and set up for reverse engineering.
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BAE Systems Standardizes on Build!IT® Software for F35
Build!IT® becomes a key component of the digital engineering-though-manufacturing process and achieves process savings of up to 50%.
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Gulfstream Provides Top Flight Quality with Build!IT®
Using Build!IT® to replace physical tooling masters with digital models resulted in more efficient engineering, better quality control and elimination of superfluous storage costs.
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