Software Development
At BuildIT we do not limit our services to our software or to the metrology field. We are fully capable of helping you with various other engineering tasks. Our team creates customizable and extensive software that is easily implemented as stand-alone software. We also add to or modify legacy software. For example:
  • Our company is an OEM supplier, where your company puts a private label on software we create. We have successfully provided personalized OEM software to hardware companies. We place great importance on OEM software implementation and we welcome similar OEM relationships with other hardware companies;
  • We create custom user-interfaces for particular manufacturing or metrology tasks. We have and develop modules you can integrate into your system to suit your company's needs while differentiating yourself from the competition;
  • You can request straightforward contract development where we help you with a particular software development task.
Some example developments we have done are:
  • A customized Build!IT® user interface to simplify and automate a time consuming inspection process and reporting;
  • A feature that summarized a customer's metrology and manufacturing process as a journal with more detailed information;
  • Simplification of the operation of the software by removing Build!IT® features unnecessary for tasks performed by operators on the shop floor.

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