BuildIT 2015 SP2 Now Available
BuildIT 2015 We are excited to introduce the latest version of BuildIT, with cloud-handling and mesh creation for reverse engineering, import/export compatibility with Autodesk's AutoCAD software, enhancements to the object manager, inspect geometry command and GD&T workflows, and much more. Try BuildIT 2015 today and see how BuildIT can help improve your quality inspection and assembly workflows!

See the Release Notes for a full list of changes.
BuildIT 2015 adds the following features:
Improvements to Inspect Geometry

Cloud Handling and Mesh Creation

Object Manager Enhancements

GD&T Workflows

AutoCAD Support

And includes:

Customizable User Interface

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Hole Axis Inspection Command

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Datum-Based Alignment to any Quadric Geometry

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Advanced Point Cloud Preprocessing


Construct Paraboloid Command

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Tolerance Analysis Mapping


Inspect Targets with Scanner

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Auto-Split Point Cloud

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Inspect Targets

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Automation Support


Windows® 8 Compatible