BuildIT Software & Solutions
BuildIT develops and distributes both off-the-shelf and custom-developed software solutions that interface with portable coordinate measurement machines (CMMs) for real-time part inspection, tool building, quality control, automated inspection and data capture for reverse engineering applications.

Our experienced development team of mechanical engineers, metrology application specialists and computer scientists provide solutions that enable companies from around the world to improve their manufacturing processes as well as increase product quality and productivity.

Pioneers in 3D Metrology Software

The software Build!IT® originated in the late 1990s as an Imageware product focused on addressing metrology issues in the manufacturing of aircraft. A leader in its field, our software was used in Leica's AXYZ CAD software. MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd, acquired the software with the aim of growing the technology and the market share, naming the new division MAYA Metrix. A few years later, MAYA spun their metrology group off into a new company originally called Metrix Software Solutions Ltd. In 2007, the company was renamed BuildIT Software & Solutions Ltd. after its major software product.

Continued Success

BuildIT Software & Solutions Ltd. has continued to expand and improve. In 2004 we were chosen for the Joint Strike Fighter Program (JSF F35), and since then we have been instrumental in achieving their manufacturing goals and delivering quality systems on time. Since 2008, we have been working closely with the Airbus group at St. Nazaire to create an automated measurement process and measurement assisted assembly. These have been implemented at a number of sites.

BuildIT listens closely to the needs of customers within particular industries. This contributes to creating a full-fledged and responsive metrology software. Our highly expert technical staff allows BuildIT to extend this software into a total solution.

Our Mission

BuildIT's mission is to provide quality solutions in metrology adapted to our users needs. This is possible thanks to our constant effort to understand and respond to our customers as partners, sharing in their challenges and successes.