JMA: A Must-See Metrology Conference

Presentation at the JMA

The JMA conference was held Tuesday, June 13, 2017 at the ÉNA, and was very successful both in organization and in attendance. With about 120 attendees the time flew by despite the fair amount of time that was dedicated to booths! Hopefully we got to speak with all those who wanted to know more about us. As software providers, we have found a lot of value in the exposure we received from being represented at JMA. We would have liked to see an even greater diversity of companies, particularly from Hexagon and FARO. Read More

BuildIT now available in Spanish: Download it now in BuildIT 2017 SP2

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Service pack 2 for BuildIT 2017 is now available for download. Please view the full release notes for more detailed information.

BITS-4440: Added Spanish translation

Increasing Your Customer Base Using Laser Tracker Technology and Large-Volume Metrology Software

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vantage-s-roll-press-calibration BuildIT

ASNA overcomes shop-floor challenges

In a TED Talk, Geordie Rose, co-creator of the D-WAVE quantum computer, said, “Humans use tools to do things. If you give humans a new kind of tool, they can do things they couldn’t otherwise do—imagine the possibilities.”

Rose was, of course, speaking of quantum computers, but that sentiment is just as relevant in manufacturing. When Alignment Services of North America (ASNA) began using laser trackers and 3D modeling software, the company and its customers began to discover how much more they could do with a 3D survey compared to precision optics. Read More

BuildIT 2017 Now Available


BuildIT’s latest version streamlines processes for increased manufacturing productivity

Montreal, QC, February 2017 – BuildIT Software & Solutions is pleased to announce the release of BuildIT 2017, a major update to the 3D metrology software. BuildIT 2017 adds many new features and improvements including multi-language support for user interfaces in Japanese, German and Chinese; new device interfaces for the Leica TPS Total Station, FARO® VantageS and VantageE laser trackers, FARO Array Imager and the FARO VectorRI Laser Radar; streamlined GD&T workflows; and edge detection capabilities. Read More

BuildIT 2017 Overview Video


Video overview of the latest features and enhancements in BuildIT 2017, including: new device interfaces with the FARO VantageS, VantageE, Array Imager & VectorRI; Streamlined GD&T Workflows; Additional Languages; and Edge Detection functionality. Read More

Improve your Laser Tracker Workflow with BuildIT

Faro Vantage and Ion Trackers

BuildIT is the industry’s leading large volume metrology software solution for alignment, inspection and build applications. BuildIT is fully compatible with all laser tracker brands and models, as well as all other CMMs.

BuildIT includes industry best-in-class features in a simple and modern user interface: Read More

Jig Inspection with BuildIT’s GD&T Module


In this workflow, the laser tracker measures the part and BuildIT performs an automatic evaluation of inspection performance according to the GD&T standards as defined by ASME.

BuildIT 2016.5 SP3 is Now Available!


Service pack 3 for BuildIT 2016.5 is now available for download. Please view the full release notes for more detailed information.

Add support for FARO Array Imager (Cobalt)

BuildIT 2016.5 SP2 is Now Available!


Service pack 2 for BuildIT 2016.5 is now available for download. Please view the full release notes for more detailed information.


Updated CATIA V5 model export to no longer generate hybrid bodies

BuildIT 2016.5 SP1 is Now Available!


Service pack 1 for BuildIT 2016.5 is now available for download. Please view the full release notes for more detailed information.


  • BITS-2874 Added support for FARO Cobalt 3D Imager. (Beta)
  • BITS-3432 Significantly improved down sampling performance for distance based cloud reduction.
  • BITS-3562 Included the Leica AT930/960 redistributables in the installer.
  • BITS-3435 Enabled merging half cylinders whose parameters differ at the sub-micron level.
  • BITS-3460 Added support for (U) modifier on GD&T surface profile tolerance when importing CATIA models with FTA.
  • BITS-3473 Completed the improvement for the Auto-Associate command.
  • BITS-3570 Updated Leica AT960 / AT930 SDK (v1.3).
  • BITS-3594 Allowed muting Leica AT402 connection error messages to be non-blocking during playback.
  • BITS-3647 Updated the Planes tangent to 2 cylinders process to have multiple cylinders as input.
  • Read More

    Maximum Material Boundary (MMB) Concept and its Advantages in GD&T Analysis

    GD&T MMB Underconstrained and Gages Figure 4

    The goal of this blog post is to present the maximum material boundary (MMB) concept in GD&T applications. The maximum material boundary concept is simply the use of a maximum material condition on a datum feature, as shown in Figure 1 (the annotation B(M)). Its major use is to allow easier assembly conditions on a part. Read More