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Using a remote with BuildIT

Laser trackers are often used to measure very large parts, and so users are usually inconveniently far from the measurement buttons while manipulating the probe. This leaves you with three options to measure a large part:

  1. Have someone at the computer while you manipulate the probe: The inspection of a large part can often be a team effort, and when you have the luxury of being two, your colleague can manage triggering the correct buttons.
  2. Use the “Auto-start when stable” feature, combined with the “Auto-accept” feature: The measure button can be automatically triggered when BuildIT detects that the probe is resting against a stable object. This option can be accessed by clicking the Setting button in the upper left corner of the Inspect Control Window:Click the checkboxes to turn on the feature. In the example below, it will start measuring when the probe hasn’t moved more than 0.25 mm for 3 seconds. After taking its measurement, it will wait until you have moved at least 127 mm from your last measurement before auto-starting when stable.Similarly, you can also have the Accept button automatically trigger a certain length of time after taking a measurement.
  3. Use a remote: This is my preferred way of measuring, as it gives you full control of the buttons with no ambiguity. You simply need to assign the buttons on the remote to the desired hotkeys: F9 to measure, F10 to accept, F11 to discard last, F12 to send your beam to the bird nest.

It’s important to choose a remote that will work over long distances, especially when inspecting large parts. One that is usually used in the industry is the SMK-Link’s RemotePoint Jade, which works at a range of up to 150 feet: Read More Read More


How to use Nested Grouping

CAD files imported as assemblies (CATIA V5 Assembly, Pro/E Assembly, STEP, etc.) are organized in the Object Manager’s design folder in the same tree structure as they were in their native CAD software.

Proper group management and filtering are quick and easy ways to work more efficiently.  Here are a few tricks that will help you manage groups within BuildIT to speed up your workflow. Read More Read More


How to customize the logo in your report header

In the report header, BuildIT’s logo is displayed in the top right corner.

If you prefer to have your own company logo there, follow these steps:

Go to the following folder: C:Program FilesBuildITBuildIT 2015 SP2reportsinclude
Rename logo.bmp to logo_buildit.bmp. That way, if you want to revert back to the BuildIT logo you can.
Save your company logo as a bitmap file named logo.bmp. Note: If your image isn’t a bitmap file, open it in MS Paint, and click Save As, which will give you the option of saving it as a bitmap in the Save as type dropdown.
Drop your company logo (logo.bmp) from step 3 into the folder from step 2.

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