BuildIT 2016.5 SP1 is Now Available!


Service pack 1 for BuildIT 2016.5 is now available for download. Please view the full release notes for more detailed information.


  • BITS-2874 Added support for FARO Cobalt 3D Imager. (Beta)
  • BITS-3432 Significantly improved down sampling performance for distance based cloud reduction.
  • BITS-3562 Included the Leica AT930/960 redistributables in the installer.
  • BITS-3435 Enabled merging half cylinders whose parameters differ at the sub-micron level.
  • BITS-3460 Added support for (U) modifier on GD&T surface profile tolerance when importing CATIA models with FTA.
  • BITS-3473 Completed the improvement for the Auto-Associate command.
  • BITS-3570 Updated Leica AT960 / AT930 SDK (v1.3).
  • BITS-3594 Allowed muting Leica AT402 connection error messages to be non-blocking during playback.
  • BITS-3647 Updated the Planes tangent to 2 cylinders process to have multiple cylinders as input.
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