OASIS Alignment Enhances their Inspection Services using BuildIT Software

OASIS Alignment provides 3D metrology services in the alignment and calibration of industrial machinery.  For this, they use a combination of laser tracker technology, and BuildIT software, to perform their precision measurements and adjustments.  

As a service company, Oasis performs a variety of jobs, each of which require different setups and workflows.  BuildIT’s adaptable workflow is a huge help in this case, with the ability to generate processes on the fly.

Recently, Oasis was contracted to perform the alignment of manufacturing machines at a hydroforming plant.  They sent over a metrology engineer, Li Guan, along with a laser tracker connected to BuildIT Software to perform the maintenance.

Guan began by visually inspecting the machine for two things: how it functions, and where the inspections needed to occur.  He observed the process the machine goes through to actually make a part and then determined what the most important components of the machine are, and where the most important inspections needed to be performed.  He inspected every part that had been discussed with the client and built a model of the machine in BuildIT. “The 3D Metrology tools enable us to see things we cannot see with the naked eye”, says Guan.  The model showed both the out-of-level condition of the machine, as well as the misalignment of its cylinders.

Hydroformer-inspection in BuildIT

Fig 1. BuildIT shows real-time deviations, indicating which adjustments need to be made in order to align the parts correctly.

By using the laser tracker with BuildIT’s real-time reverse engineering commands, Guan was able to build the model as he inspected the machine. This eliminated many tedious manual steps that would otherwise be required, such as reviewing blueprints and inputting that information into the computer in order to create the model. Additionally, because the model was created on-site, he was able to immediately confer with the client. After he leveled the machine, Li worked with the tech to move the machine to several different positions, plotting a curve of the machine’s mis-movements, which allowed them to determine the root cause of the problem.

BuildIT’s speed and ease-of-use, coupled with the software’s robust automated process capabilities, helped OASIS to expand the scope of the project in the same allotted time.  What started as an alignment project for one machine turned out to be for three machines. Guan’s quick success with the machines allowed for the scope of the project to expand beyond what was originally thought possible in this two-day project timeline.

BuildIT is very proud of our software’s ability to amplify the experience and expertise of our customers, to help them meet stringent quality standards while enabling them to perform their quality control and inspection jobs quickly and easily.  

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