BuildIT 2015.5 SP2 is here!

BuildIT F-35 Fighter Jets Analysis

Service pack 2 for BuildIT 2015.5 is now available to download. BuildIT 2015.5 SP2 adds enhancements including the addition of the PROCESS and PROCESSPATH system variables to processes.  This enhancement allows the output of the filename/ full path of the current process, for use in advanced automation traceability.  Please view the full release notes for more detailed information.


  • BITS-2331 Added the PROCESS and PROCESSPATH system variables to processes
  • BITS-2372 Fixed an issue with Faro trackers where homing could switch to a windowed SMR
  • BITS-2464 Restore the ability to click on an entity to set text variables in processes



  • BITS-2323 Fixed an issue with Inspect Geometry when moving between surfaces and points in Nearest mode
  • BITS-2151 Fixed an issue with auto-start measurements skipping the Stable Time delay when the beam was broken
  • BITS-2395 Fixed a crash when recording a process with Geometry Information Reports in CSV or Excel formats
  • BITS-2399 Fixed an issue with Needle annotations for regions where statistics would include other analyses on the same surfaces
  • BITS-2439 Fixed an issue in reports where the screenshot wouldn’t appear in directories with accented characters
  • BITS-2472 Fixed an issue with Leica AT930/960 where the T-Probe button configuration wasn’t persistent


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