Tricks to Customize the User Interface


By default, the Object Manager, the Command Window and the Process tab are grouped in the panel located on the right-hand side of the screen. Most users want to have their options displayed that way (Personally, I do), so here is an easy way to put it back in place if it is ever accidentally displaced. Simply hold down the panel’s top bar and drag it to the positioning arrows that appear on screen.


Display Object Manager Right


BuildIT also allows for a more customized positioning of the different tabs across the screen. In the following example, the process tab is moved to the left of the screen so it remains in view while the Object Manager is visible.


Move Process Tab


You can also enhance the visibility and accessibility of the most-used functions of your workspace by displaying Large Icons. Simply right-click on the toolbar on the top of the screen, select Customize, open the Options tab and check the Large Icon option. Each icon’s area is now about four times larger.


Large BuildIT Icons

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