Handy Tips for Importing Models


There are two ways to add a model in BuildIT:  Open and Import.  While the Open command flushes any open model before adding the new one, the Import command will simply add the file to the current working one, making it very useful to merge different files together. BuildIT supports a wide range of CAD formats which can be imported in this fashion, including BuildIT files (*.buildit extension)

Additionally,  the Import dialog allows the importation of GD&T along with the model for the following CAD formats: Catia V5, Pro/E Part, NX and Acis.  You can do this by simply checking the Import GD&T box when selecting the file.

Importing multiple models at once

Using the Import Models dialog, it is also possible to import multiple CAD files at once. Simply select the models you wish to import while holding the Ctrl key and hit the Import button.

BuildIT Import Multiple Models

Importing in specific coordinate systems

The Import dialog shown above also offers the possibility to import models in specific coordinate systems instead of the default World Axes. Coordinate systems can be easily created or imported altogether with an existing model. To allow for that functionality, simply check the “Import in specific coordinate system” box in the Import dialog, choose the Destination coordinate system and Apply transformation. The following picture shows the imported model in the World Axes coordinate system, which is the default behavior implemented in BuildIT, as well as the dialog that allows choosing of the desired coordinate system.

BuildIT Select Coordinate System

Once the above steps are completed, the model is imported in the “Custom CS” coordinate system, as shown below:

BuildIT Custom CS

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