Work more efficiently by using the shortcut to Accept


The middle mouse button (MMB), or pressing on the scroll wheel, can be a very useful trick to work quickly. In BuildIT, it is a shortcut to Apply open commands in the sidebar in order to accept inputs. It makes the creation of multiple objects efficient and easy.

Here’s an example of how this shortcut can be used in a typical workflow such as creating reference points on holes:

  1. Construct > Point > Coordinates
  2. For Coordinates, select the Filter: Cylinder/Cone: End-Point
  3. Click on the first hole
  4. MMB
  5. Click on the second hole
  6. MMB

Repeat these quick steps for all required holes.
BuildIT Reference Points

You can then Move the points to offset them to take into account the nests, typically 1″ or 0.5″, when measuring with Laser Trackers and SMR.

BuildIT Offset Reference Points

Do you often use shortcuts to speed up your workflows?  Let us know in the comments, and check back every Tuesday for more BuildIT Tips & Tricks, or subscribe to our blog to get regular updates!

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