3 easy steps to rename multiple entities


There are many reasons to rename multiple entities at a time, however, this will most often occur when you have measured a series of points using the default name.  Once you have completed all of your measurements, it is common to modify the series to give it a more meaningful or descriptive name.  These simple steps will enable you to rename a series of entities/measurements to all have the same name with a number appended (eg. MeasurementPt1, MeasurementPt2, MeasurementPt3, etc…).

BuildIT Rename Multiple EntitiesSimply follow these three steps:

  1. Select all entities you wish to rename
  2. Right click on them and select “Rename”. You can also use the standard Windows shortcut key “F2” to rename an object.
  3. Type the new name for the entities. They will be numbered in the order in which they appear in the Object Manager.



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