How to create and delete point-to-surface associations


Occasionally, when using Inspect Geometry in nearest mode, the points can be associated to the wrong surface. This usually happens when inspecting a part with tight corners, where two surfaces can be nearly equidistant from a point.  You can easily correct this by deleting the incorrect association and creating the proper one.


A common indication of a badly associated point can be an abnormally large deviation compared to the rest of the part. This happens in workflows where the part was inspected with a rough alignment and was later realigned properly.

Point-to Surface-Association

To ensure that a point is associated to the right surface, simply click on the point to display its list of associations in the General tab of the Object Manager. In this case, the association was made with the vertical surface instead of the correct freeform surface. To delete an association, you only need to right click on the association in the list and select delete measurement association(s).

Point-to-Surface Delete Measurement Associations

Once the incorrect association has been deleted, you will need to create a new one by selecting both the point you’re trying to associate and the surface you wish to associate it to (Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple objects). You can then right-click on the selection in the viewport or the Object Manager and select Create Association.

Point-to-Surface Create Association

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