Quick Guide: Merging surfaces


Why would you merge your surfaces?

Most CAD software programs, such as CATIA and SolidWorks, create cylinders and spheres as two halves of the respective entity.  This quick guide will help you to clean up your manager tree and simplify your inspections by re-creating complete cylinders, cones, planes and spheres by merging surfaces.

Procedure for Merging Surfaces

Before importing your CAD, make sure that you have the “Simplify quadrics” model import setting activated. This will facilitate the recognition of the different types of shapes.

BuildIT settings


BuildIT Merge CommandBuildIT List of Surfaces

Open Edit > Surface >Merge…, select all, and click accept. BuildIT will go through the surfaces in your model, seek out the mergeable ones and then merge them.

(This process might take some time if you have a large model. Use filter Surface: Cylinder if you only want to merge hole sidewalls.)

BuildIT Seams before merging surfaces

Seams before merging surfaces


BuildIT Complete cylinders after merging surfaces

Complete cylinders after merging surfaces

As you can see, BuildIT merged the half-cylinders together.  This will also be applied to split planes, cones, and cylinders.

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