BuildIT benefits from F-35 program with job and opportunity creation

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Montreal, QC – With Friday’s release of Canada’s major economic indicators showing a decrease in job creation, BuildIT Software & Solutions of Montreal, QC urged the Canadian Government to continue investment in the production of the F-35 Lightning II fighter jet.

“With the current rise in the unemployment rate, it is vital that we continue to focus on the programs that are generating new opportunities and creating employment, like the F-35 Lightning II.  The program gives Canada access to the development of skills and know how in leading edge technology, allowing us to compete more effectively on a global scale,” said Vito Marone, Director of Sales and Marketing at BuildIT.  “I urge Ottawa to continue production of the F-35 Lightning II to create jobs and keep people working.”

BuildIT develops and delivers software solutions used by F-35 partners worldwide to validate manufactured parts and assemblies. More than 70 Canadian suppliers like BuildIT have won F-35 Lightning II contracts worth more than $500 million.  If the Government of Canada continues to order the F-35 Lightning II, Lockheed Martin (maker of the F-35) and industry partners will leverage more than $600 million in contracts and commitments already underway with total production opportunities of more than $11 billion.  Canadian suppliers such as BuildIT are vital to the continued production of the F-35 Lightning II, not only for the aircraft that Canada will buy, but the global fleet of well over 3,000 aircraft.

“Thousands of high-quality jobs are being created and sustained nation-wide by the F-35 program. Additionally, small and medium businesses like BuildIT benefit greatly from the program by gaining access to new opportunities, both locally and internationally.  The continued production of the F-35 is critical for our company, our community, and our national economy,” said Mr. Marone.

BuildIT Software & Solutions is a member of the Canadian Joint Strike Fighter Industry Group (CJIG), an organization of Canadian aerospace industry partners promoting the unprecedented opportunities that the F-35 Lightning II presents for the economy and national defence.


To learn more about the F-35 Lightning II, take a look at the facts, figures, and statistics provided by these websites.

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