Hitachi Loader model in Build!IT 3.3.0

Montreal, July 8, 2013 – BuildIT Software & Solutions Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of their 3D metrology software:  Build!IT® 3.3.0.  The software enables quick and easy dimensional inspection of manufactured parts and assemblies for tool building, assembly, alignment, process automation and quality control.

Version 3.3.0 includes over 250 improvements and new features such as GD&T import for Creo(Pro/E) files, NX and Parasolid with PMI import, increased automation functionality, improved Network Bundling and the new Extract Surface and Inspect 2D hole commands.  It interfaces in real-time with a variety of probing and scanning measurement devices from all major hardware vendors, including FARO, Leica, Romer, API and Creaform, allowing users to quickly and efficiently gather dimensional information from a tool or part.  The software directly reads 3D CAD files from native (CATIA®, NX, Parasolid, CREO(Pro/E), Inventor) or neutral formats (IGES, STEP, SAT) for model based inspection and assembly. In addition, Build!IT® imports measured point data from external sources for maximum compatibility.

Build!IT® 3.3.0 introduces 2 new commands: Extract Surface, and Inspect 2D Hole.  The new Extract Surface command allows the identification of basic geometry such as planes, spheres, cylinders, etc from a point cloud for potential analysis, or splitting of the cloud.  The Inspect 2D Hole command has replaced the legacy Inspect Circle Point command, with a simplified workflow and improved compatibility for GD&T analysis. Network Bundling combines repeat measurements from multiple device locations to increase the precision and accuracy while lowering the uncertainty of a point position.  This feature has been improved in version 3.3.0 into a simpler workflow with better feedback and an optimized bundling algorithm.

The latest version includes increased automation capabilities, with the addition of Loops and Lookup Functions to make automated processes more dynamic.  Several example processes are included in the software, providing basic templates to help users build custom automation into their workflows. Build!IT® has also added GD&T import for Creo(Pro/E) and NX (Parasolid – PMI) files to its extensive existing CAD compatibility.  These additions allow the user to fully benefit from a complete and efficient model based workflow. A free trial of this latest version is available for download on the company website at:

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